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We are a Spokane Washington computer web hosting and design company. We design sites for clients with thier long and short term needs in mind. We specialize in WordPress site design as well as offer a variety of other computer services. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your site and services. We will work hand in hand with you designing not only a web site but an internet presence that you can be proud of!

Why Have A Website?

Why have a website? It’s simple. When trying to build an internet presence most people start with a website. In todays modern world fewer and fewer people rely on old fashioned paper phonebooks. Most customers and potential customers carry a computer with them almost every where they go in the form of a smart phone or similar device. If you want to reach these ‘on-the-go’ potential customers you need to be available to them, well on the go. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing provide users with quick and easy listings of business and places on the go. There is no more pulling over to the phone booth to check the yellow pages for a businesses address. People pick up their phones and say, ‘Siri where is pizza’ and the search engine delivers local results. It’s pretty cool living in the 21st century isn’t it? Now we wont promise you front page of Google with your business over night, but you’ll never make it if you don’t have an internet presence.

What Can A Website Do For My Business?

Increase your business presence to new potential customers.

Take care of and provide new and existing services to existing customers.

Communicate with customers via community forums, live chats, auto-generated contact forms and e-mails.

Set-up E-commerce sales and better track inventory as well as sales information.

Look professional and stand out from competition that doesn’t have a website and a internet presence.

And much much more. We think once you have one of our WordPress sites you will love having a website!

Great to work with! Helped me build my website and answered any questions I needed within a few hours. When an upgrade was made, they personally verified I would not be hindered by it, and also followed up just after it went live to make sure I was okay. Personal service you just don’t find anywhere else. I Love seatonserver.com! — Vicki, Ourstateourrights.org
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